Residents interested in sharing part of their life story to be included in a new book are sought by local author Lisa Wright.

Wright is looking for people to interview for her new book "Why Go On: Connecticut Residents Bring Dark Days to Light."

The book will share inspiring stories of everyday people who have grown and persevered through incredible life challenges, according to Wright, a former New Milford resident who now resides in Woodbury.

Individuals who have experienced significant conflict in their life, such as struggles with illness, abuse, addiction, financial problems, prejudice, loss of a loved one, incarceration or other traumatic events are invited to view the book's website at to send a brief synopsis of their story using the site's submission form.

People of all ages, and racial, cultural, religious and economic backgrounds are invited to participate.

Wright will devote one chapter to each of approximately 20 individuals featured in the book.

The concept behind Wright's book is in bringing a sense of unity to the small, but diverse state.

"I think the rest of the country is under the impression that Connecticut is a refuge for the wealthy, but in fact we have a varied populace and entirely disparate regions," she said. "Bridgeport is not Mystic. Greenwich is not Goshen."

"By telling the stories of our Connecticut neighbors, `Why Go On' will illustrate that we are all different, all extraordinary -- yet have the same basic fears, hopes and desire to be loved," the author explained. "I also hope it serves to encourage those currently in the midst of a personal crisis," she said.

Participants must be a current Connecticut resident.

If an individual's story is deemed a good fit for the collection, they will be contacted for more information and a personal interview.

Submissions will be accepted until June 30.