To the Editor:

It's that time of year again, when the young and young at heart head back to school.

And I resume my position as an English as a Second Language teacher with the Literacy Volunteers on the Green in New Milford.

Early last year I decided that it was time for me to lend a hand to my foreign- born neighbors, as three of my grandparents were Italian immigrants, and the fourth was born here to Italian parents.

And their stories were so similar to the experiences of my students, it made my heart ache ... with wonderment and joy.

Literacy Volunteers on the Green’s vision is to help individuals maintain and improve their quality of life through mastery of the English language.

We do this by promoting English literacy among individuals in order to help them become independent readers, writers, listeners, and speakers of English through classes as well as natural, authentic, real-life activities and experiences, according to its website.

All instruction and materials are provided free of charge.

Classes are scheduled at mutually convenient times for learners and volunteer tutors in locations ranging from Danbury in the south to Salisbury-Lakeville in the north.

LVG-CT programs include: English as a Second Language; basic literacy — reading and writing for native English speakers; FamilyRead and family literacy programs; preparation for the U.S. citizenship test; Pre-G.E.D. prep; workplace literacy; college application mentoring for seniors; and conversation groups.

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Joseph A. Mustich