To the Editor:

One of the very best parts of my job is the interaction I have with all of you — someone almost always responds to our newsletter or Coffee with the Director with new ideas.

As you know, New Milford Public Library has always been a center of our community because it is here to serve everyone.

Last month one of our readers had a spectacular suggestion that absolutely falls into our mission, which is: “As an essential part of the town, the New Milford Public Library empowers a strong community by promoting reading, basic literacy, and knowledge of 21st-century resources and information.”

Our reader suggested that, as a center of the community, what better place to find information on how to become a part of that community when you are new?

Everyone has been new somewhere at some point in their life, so you all know how hard it is to meet people and to make friends.

We are proposing to offer a tab on our website that will list groups and organizations that welcome new people.

Are you part of a group that focuses on a particular activity? Do you knit? Do you line-dance? Do you quilt? Do you work on classic cars? Do you sing, play an instrument, perform stand-up?

Whatever you do, tell us what your group does and how new people can contact you and we’ll add you to our list.

You might find some fresh ideas, you’d be spreading the word about your interest, and most importantly, you’d be making a new friend. Email me at

Sally Tornow


New Milford Public Library