To the Editor:

Our library is an important part of the life and heart of the center of New Milford. It is the anchor that holds the Village Green together.

Many people think libraries are passe, that they no longer serve a useful purpose because of technology and the information highway.

However, I disagree. I see parents and children, young and older adults crowded in every area of the library when I am there.

It is a hub of activity for those seeking to learn from the pages of a book, one that they don’t have to purchase if a budget prohibits that.

There are those who think our library will not be used enough to spend money for long overdue renovations.

I say to them, to keep the library as an institution of learning and socialization with all of the many programs provided by an active and productive staff, we need to spend the money to bring our long-lived library up to modern day standards.

Our library is a destination for many people for many reasons.

Judy Burroughs

New Milford