To The Editor:

I would like to strongly encourage all New Milford residents to vote “yes” for the library expansion project this Election Day.

This is not a political matter, it is a town-wide concern. Our public library is a treasure. Much of this comes from the wonderful staff that works there.

But, the programs and the materials that are available to all of us are in need of an improved physical space. Need a book or a movie? No problem. Electronic media? No problem.

Need to find out something about town history, get information about a craft or how-to-do-it project, or even benefit from small business resources? Our library can help. It is such a wonderful resource for everyone in our town.

However, this space is in dire need of improvement. Starting with making the building more accessible to everyone, especially the children’s library and the entrances.

There will be more meeting rooms to accommodate our community needs. A new teen library is being added. You can see all of the wonderful plans at the library itself.

We’ve not had a renovation in 40 years. We all need for the library to be moved into the current century, while retaining the charm that we’ve all come to know and appreciate as residents. Please, vote yes for our library renovation. Our library.

Art Tepper

New Milford