One of Kent Memorial Library volunteers recently celebrated a special birthday and his family made a gift to the library.

Allan Priaulx’s daughters, Sharmon and Beth, along with his best friend, Peter, honored Prialux by presenting a year’s worth of children’s programming for the library.

“Well this is just fabulous,” said Library Director Sarah Marshall. “How lovely for the library and what a tribute…He will be thrilled, I know it,” Marhsall said to Sharmon.

Priaulx spent many years giving his time and expertise to the Kent Memorial Library.

Most recently, he has been known as a “car guy.”

The “car guys” are in charge of choosing a car and running a successful annual raffle throughout the summer as a major fundraiser for the library. He was the president of the Kent Library Association Board of Directors from 2001-06.

He has also been spotted power washing the library’s exterior on a number of occasions, along with other thoughtful, caring chores for the library.

“I am simply overwhelmed by gratitude and love by this wonderful gift,” Priaulx xaid. “When Sharmon and Beth were very little girls and we were just weekenders, it was always an adventure for them to climb the very precarious flight of stairs to get to what was then the children's library.”

“Such fun, and it is terrific that now their gift helps continue serving the kids of Kent,” he said. “Peter is the godfather of Sharmon and Beth and has been in their lives since their infancy. He is, indeed, a best friend forever.”

Those who would like to honor a family member or friend, for any reason, birthday, graduation, in memory, new arrival, or any reason at all can contact the library at 860-927-3761.