The 22nd annual Library Luminaries event to raise funds for the Gunn Memorial Library in Washington will be held June 11.

This year, 12 simultaneous dinner parties will be held, all hosted by area residents in their homes, and each highlighting a notable “luminary.”

A pre-dinner cocktail party will be offered at the library on Wykeham Road from 5:30-7 p.m., open for a contribution of $75 to those who may not be attending dinners, and included in the cost of a dinner.

The library raises the greater part of its operating budget through individual philanthropy and annual events like Library Luminaries.

Guests will choose from among the 12 dinners when submitting their RSVPs.

With donations ranging from $150 per person and up, in the case of a sell-out, placements are determined by a supporter’s contribution level, as well as their date of reply.

Luminaries and hosts this year include Galt Niederhoffer, novelist and filmmaker, along with director/producer/filmmaker Ben Selkow, hosted by Bob and Julie Bailey; acclaimed author Roxana Robinson, hosted by Woody & Maria Campbell; Derek Walker, associate vice president in the Global Climate program at the Environmental Defense Fund, hosted by Lisa Coleman; Jeff Levick, Spotify’s Chief Revenue Officer, hosted by Brian Lancaster and Steven Fuchs; poet Rose Styron, hosted by former Ambassador William Luers and his arts advocate wife, Wendy; and Dr. April Benasich, infant neuroscientist and professor, hosted by Audrey and Greg Meredith.

Also, conceptual artist and sculptress Lauren Booth, hosted by Alessandra and Alan Mnuchin; former general counsel of the New York Times and author James Goodale, hosted by psychotherapist Randy Lehrer and husband Harry Moses, documentary producer; Peggy Anderson, published photographer and co-owner of Community Table, hosted by Holly Parker and Marc Roman; Carmen & Evan Abramson, owners of the Harts Gallery, hosted by Karyn Detje and GML trustee Sal Sorce; Danny Moses, a real-life character in the recent movie “The Big Short,” hosted by economist and author Zachary Karabel and his painter-wife, Nicole Alger; and media maven, writer, publisher and television personality, Nancy Evans, along with husband Seymour Wishman, author, former criminal lawyer and owner/president of First Run Features, who will act as both hosts and luminaires.

For information on how to participate, visit or call 860-868-7586.