I am writing to welcome all the new residents to the beautiful town of Warren, but to also inform them of a possible change that will change the face of Warren forever.

There is a commercial tree-cutting company that wants to set up their business in a purely residential and wetlands area. They are seeking a special exception and hired a known spot zoning specialist, whose motto reads, “My job is to accept projects that others deem impossible and make them possible while creating an enjoyable experience for our client. Easy projects need not apply.”

The owners of the commercial tree company knew there would be objections to their endeavor by the residents, so this is why they hired this particular engineer/surveyor.

Instead of asking the residents before they set forth on their journey, they sent registered letters to the residents whose properties would be affected in February. In June, they tried to reach out to the residents, a little too late.

There have been many mistakes made in this process, many last-minute changes of dates for hearings, some even the day before they were to take place.

Also, Zoom meetings had to be held instead of public hearings because of COVID-19.

Several members of the Planning & Zoning commission have resigned, which include the chairman and the vice chairman. What does this tell you?

COVID-19 has worked in their favor, but we will not give up.

To give up is not an option for the residents. Some of the residents are retired and hoped to spend their golden years here. Now with this cloud over their heads, how can they?

Their houses will lose value, their privacy will be lost and the beautiful terrain that we all love will be gone. The reason we all chose to move here will be gone.

The owners of the commercial tree company cry and fret about how much money they have spent to do all the plans, surveys and renderings that were needed for this project. Is this a wise thing to do before you even know that this project is a go?

Maybe they knew something we did not.

The owners also claimed they would be paying taxes. What do you think the residents have been doing all these years?

Their plans include a 4,000 square-foot steel structure, not a barn, as the engineer describes it. A barn described on the Warren website for zoning rules and regulations states, “A barn is an accessory to a Farm for sheltering harvest crops, commodities and other Farm products, livestock, Farm machinery and equipment.”

The owners of the commercial tree company will have tree-cutting equipment which could include a chipper, large trucks running on diesel fuel, a 30-yard dumpster that they need for storing a few logs and have it picked up when it is full.

They will also store pesticides and fertilizers that are within the state’s guidelines. Is that for a commercial business or a residential home?

Can you go into a Home Depot and purchase more than normal size of pesticide?

It will also be within 500 feet of one resident’s property lines, certainly not a view anyone of us would want.

This structure does not in any way resemble any of the homes it will be near. Who would think such an intrusive commercial business is a good idea in a purely residential area?

The owners know there is great opposition to this, so why are they insisting on moving forward?

They live in another town that would not allow such a business to disrupt the lives of its residents, so why not look in a commercially zoned area where you would fit in?

Once one commercial business comes in, another will follow. Don’t let that happen.

Many of the residents of Warren are unaware of this situation.

If you care about Warren please go to www.warrenct.org and register to get emails and alerts. You can also write to the selectman or Planning & Zoning Commission and ask to have your letters registered.

Celia Ucciardo