To the Editor:

I want to applaud Cindy Davis’ well-put letter on respect, and courtesy to strangers published in last week’s Spectrum.

It was a good reminder, that if for no other reason than it’s the Christmas season.

We should be more selfless, considerate, patient and kind.

I’d add, this behavior needs to be practiced because for most, it doesn’t come naturally, especially with all the things everyone (under 60 years old) is trying to do.

Imagine if every car going east on Bridge street let one car merge from north-bound Danbury Road.

This small courtesy would give all those backed-up cars the gift of a few minutes of time and less frustration.

Ironically, this small gesture is not given by very many.

And these could be the same people that have been in the long line of cars on Danbury Road.

Sadly, people have lowered their expectations about this and other courtesies.

Too often you can’t do it, even with flashing lights and hand signals.

Dennis Blandino

New Milford