To the Editor:

This is to God’s earth angels who were at the Dinerluxe on Route 7 in New Milford April 9 about 11:30 a.m. when Millie tripped on the car-curb and fell head-first onto the concrete walkway.

As she lay there motionless, God’'s earth angels came forward to assist.

We give heartfelt thanks to you one and all: the compassionate lady who rubbed Millie's back and spoke gently and calmly, reassuring her all the time she lay there; the "hockey moms" and others who gave freely of the blankets from their cars; and the sisters who had warm wraps for this chilly friend who, praying silently, looked on as others came forth to call for the ambulance and medical personnel to attend the "patient" during this traumatic incident.

Thanks to other staff and friends and patrons for their offers to help, and to Peter, the owner, who gave Millie a very generous gift certificate because we “friends for nearly 50 years” never got to enjoy our planned lunch together.

Please know that each and every one involved in any way that day is surely one of God's earth angels who shared their help, love and concern for Millie's well-being.

Ambulance personnel were compassionate and efficient and she was treated promptly and skillfully by all the professionals at New Milford Hospital's Emergency Department.

She emerged with a few stitches in the right little finger, and a very harshly skinned and bruised cheek and black eye. Diagnostic tests were done.

You have to believe in miracles. She was discharged to her home, and a truly devoted friend is watching over her. Millie is recovering quickly thanks to all of you .

So, if you were there and maybe said a prayer, if you rendered service or emotional support or assisted in any way during your presence, we — Elaine and Millie — offer you our deepest thanks and appreciation.

We are surrounded by kind and caring folks we often do not know but their deeds of compassion reveal their loving hearts.

God bless you one and all.

Elaine Layman

On behalf of Millie