To the Editor:

Hmmm. Can you remember the last time someone held the door open for you to enter, or you extended the courtesy to hold the door and graciously encourage another individual to walk ahead?

Or, have you experienced when a phone has been turned off, the voice lowered, the biker given extra distance, and the pedestrian allowed to walk in the crosswalk?

Can we, the general public, make the effort to abide to a golden rule of respect for others instead of being self serving?

Is it possible to be courteous and not talk loudly, whether loudly dining in a restaurant, shopping in a department store or using a public library?

Can each person make the effort to tone down the loud and heightened noise?

Silence is golden and provides a welcome relief from the chaotic noise constantly occurring everywhere. It is a daily assault.

Hmmm, can we find a little respect? Paying this forward can go a long way to restoring community civility.

Cindy Davis

New Milford