To the Editor:

I want to take a moment to express my heartfelt thanks to the residents and voters of New Milford for the opportunity to serve them for the last two years.

And to explain them why they will not see my name on the ballot for Town Council this election.

I didn’t want to cost the New Milford taxpayers $13,000.

This election, the Democratic Town Committee filled all nine Town Council positions with names.

What that mean is that should I have chosen to petition, I would have forced a primary to get on the ballot.

As we know from our repeated budget votes, every time we have a primary or official vote, it costs the taxpayers about $13,000.

I have been very active on the tough budget discussions we have had during the last two years; I know more than anyone every dollar counts and represents giving something else up. I am not going to do that to our taxpayers.

This is a tactic by the DTC.

After the window of opportunity to petition closed, they dropped one of their candidates. Perhaps so that they could say they didn’t block me?

If you aren’t paying attention to the details of the filing dates you might believe that. But as the taxpayers and residents of New Milford know by now, I am all about the details.

Savvy voters will also notice other names missing.

Longstanding Democrats on important boards and commissions whose expertise and willingness to serve will be hard to replace.

While I do not know explicitly know the reason for this, I can tell you they were Democrats that signed my first petition.

New Milford Democrats I ask you: Do you want people in office who are more interested in their party and perhaps personal agenda over your wishes?

Do you want people leading your party who fabricate outrage rather than selecting qualified candidates who will listen to you?

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

Lisa C. Hida

Town Council member

New Milford