To the Editor:

I would like to point out a sad state of affairs in our wonderful town of New Milford.

I love my town and would like to continue to live here. However, because there is no availability in affordable housing, I believe I am going to have to leave.

The condo unit I live in suffered a fire in May and I have found out I must leave because the unit is going to be demolished.

I am not alone in my distress, and many of us have run out of options. Many of my neighbors, not only those who live where I do, are in the same situation.

We work hard and are looking for a safe, comfortable place to live.

At this point, I feel I have to drop my health insurance so I can find a place to live.

I have contacted everyone I need to and still there is no resolution on the table. I do not have a solution and feel I need to continue to reach out to more government officials.

I will miss this town should I have to leave.

Lise Marie Foxx

New Milford