To the Editor:

New Milford Democrats want to set a few things straight about the grousing of Lisa Hida. She is entitled to her opinions, but she is not entitled to her own facts.

Here are facts about Lisa Hida’s desire to be a candidate for Democrats and for the people of New Milford.

She never sought to be a Democratic candidate in 2017 or 2019. She ran as a petitioning candidate in 2017.

She only attended one meeting held by New Milford Democrats. She never said a word during that meeting in 2017, and we have never seen her since.

If she had asked to be a candidate in 2017, she would have been considered like any other candidate. Since we did not know her, Hida could have become a candidate. But that is not a matter anyone can speculate on.

Here are the facts about how Lisa Hida’s actions do not represent Democrats’ values.

Her attendance record is terrible. Hida missed 60 percent of all Town Council meetings in 2019 before parties chose candidates (Jan. 1 through July 8). And she missed 34 percent of all Town Council meetings since being elected.

She missed over half of the budget meetings in 2019.

She voted to severely cut education funding both years.

She does not confer with other Democrats on the Town Council.

She votes with the Republican majority nearly 100 percent of the time.

Democrats do not support Hida’s actions. We do not support her values.

We wish Hida well, while we remain committed to our values: New Milford’s values.

Exiene Lofgren

New Milford