Letter: Resident calls for 'genuine' Buckbee to be re-elected

To The Editor:

I am writing this letter in Support of Bill Buckbee for re-election to the Connecticut General Assembly representing the 67th District.

A little about me, I grew up in Brookfield and ultimately settled down in New Milford in 2002. I am an Unaffiliated voter as I believe everyone should be working together, regardless of party and political differences, to better our community.

I first met Mr. Buckbee in 2012, and he is still the same genuine person today as he was back then. I challenge anyone to find a person more “true to New Milford” than Bill.

Being an unaffiliated voter, I am allowed to do my research on candidates without any political party pressure. Speaking only of Mr. Buckbee, Bill has supported New Milford businesses long before entering the political arena. He doesn't do it to look the part politically, rather, he is genuine and loyal to the town he grew up in and loves.

His campaign hires New Milford businesses to do everything from producing video, printing lawn signs, and even his treasurer is in New Milford. I would certainly hope that anyone running for a political office would do the same for a town that they wish to represent. Sadly, this is not the norm in most cases.

Speaking of his time in Hartford, he has much much better patience than most. Why? He is not a traditional politician, he is Bill. He knows what it is like to work, and knows that “it's the gray area where change happens.”

He works with both sides of the aisle and will listen to all of the opinions. He listens to all of the voices in our town, and he will be that voice representing New Milford to do what we want and to get what we need.

Bill does not resort to dirty tactics in his campaign. That is not Bill, he is a public servant who has always championed to see civility back in politics. Common courtesy and respect should return to the political arena. Bill has, and always will, maintain a clean campaign with civility.

In closing, I am supporting Bill Buckbee for re-election to the Connecticut General Assembly, representing the 67th district. You are not going to find a more genuine “true To New Milford’" person other than Bill for this district.

Pete Cavalli

New Milford