Letter: New Milford needs to 'hold onto Pettibone'

To the Editor:

Some people have noticed the “Hold Onto Pettibone” signs around town with curiosity. “Isn't the issue dead and buried?” they wonder. The answer is a resounding, “NO!”

New Milford Town Council will officially take control of the Pettibone School property on Sept. 30 and will decide - after the elections, of course - whether to sell the land to a developer or hold onto it. Three Republican Council members have publicly advocated selling the school to developers (Spectrum, May 30, 2014). Just what we need: another chain store that provides low-paying jobs and little in the way of tax relief.

The Democrats firmly believe taxpayers and town are much better served by retaining the school property and putting it to use in a way that will save money and make the town work more efficiently. The school would make an excellent location for the Youth Agency which needs the space. We should close the East St. administration building, sell off THAT property and relocate staff to Pettibone.

Moreover, kindergarten enrollment came in larger than expected this fall so it's possible the Board of Ed's figures were inaccurate and we may need the school within five to 10 years.

Hold onto Pettibone - Vote Democratic.

Cindy Davis

New Milford