To the editor:

I wanted to take the time to thank two amazing organizations in our town that have played such huge role in our oldest son’s life, Theaterworks Kids and Village Center for the Arts (VCA).

Over the years I have seen the children involved in TheatereWorks get up on stage, something as an adult I still cannot fathom, and put on an amazing show, flawless even.

The most poignant was “Sticks and Stones,” a play about bullying through the eyes of children.

One by one, each performer gave a recap of their own experience of being bullied for simply being who they were, theatrical and artistic young adults.

No matter what their age, location or socioeconomic status, these kids are my son’s “theater family” who embrace him, encourage him and build his confidence.

When I first walked into VCA, I was looking for a place for my son to find his “niche.” You know, the activity that clicks with your child so they can build confidence, grow and flourish.

We had yet to find such an activity despite trying so many.

From the day he was signed up for Club Mud, he and the rest of our family, were embraced with open arms into the VCA family.

They not only accepted but celebrated his uniqueness, quirks and uncanny artistic ability that I still cannot comprehend.

I have watched him find comfort in those walls, a safe haven to explore his creativity and interests without being judged.

His artistic ability took off under the right guidance.

As the years go by, I can start to see the young man he will become and I am confident in saying that without these wonderful arts programs, he wouldn’t be who he is today.

I think we would still be searching for his “niche.”

I encourage everyone to explore both these nonprofits for your children and yourself.

Theaterworks puts on some amazing adult plays and let’s face it, “Wine, Women and Wheel” and “Dirty Date Night” in the pottery studio at VCA are as fun as they sound.

And again a huge thank you to both for all you have done for my son, family and the community. We are lucky to have you.

Michelle George