Letter: Makes case to vote for Republicans in Kent

To the Editor:

The only choice for Kent is obvious - Ed Matson for first selectman and incumbent selectman Jeff Parkin.

They each have four years of experience serving Kent as your selectmen.

Ed knows Kent. He’s a 60-year lifelong and third generation resident.

Ed has worked for the Connecticut DOT for 21 years, is a 38-year member and president of the Kent Volunteer Fire Department, a 20-year member and president of the Kent Lions Club, and last but not least, an Eagle Scout.

Jeff is a 38-year resident of Kent, was an attorney for Kero-Sun in Kent, a mechanical engineer in the nuclear power industry and an airline pilot.

His wide management and engineering experience has been an asset to addressing the issues facing Kent.

Both men have raised families in Kent and their children have graduated from Kent Center School.

Ed’s and Jeff’s longtime personal knowledge of and devotion to Kent will continue to serve us very well.

As your elected officials, if elected, both have made it their goal of “doing the right thing” for the residents of Kent.

Their total of eight years of experience as selectmen and years as residents in Kent is second to none.

The other GOP candidates running for board and commission offices are proud they have over 152 years cumulative experience and service in the offices they are seeking.

Many of them have served on several boards and commissions at a time, and as chairs of their respective boards and commissions.

Some candidates have multi-generational roots in Kent, and all have been residents for a cumulative total of 470 years.

The Kent Republican Town Committee is working very hard - and takes its responsibility very seriously - of selecting experienced and knowledgeable candidates for elections who will serve Kent.

They won’t let us down, so Nov. 5, vote “Row B.”

There are too many important issues facing Kent to not elect this experienced team of problem solvers.

Ed and Jeff and the entire GOP Team will hit the ground running on Nov. 6.

Scott R. Harvey


Kent Republican Town Committee