To the Editor:

The Kent Memorial Library staff is preparing for some long overdue renovations this winter and will be utilizing our usual book sale storage to temporarily hold our library collections.

To that end, the KML Book Sale Committee will not accept book donations through Feb. 16.

After that, the library will be happy to accept your generous donations.

The committee would like to thank the donors and patrons of the sale for their continuous support.

The book sale is Kent Memorial Library’s largest fundraising effort and raises money which goes directly to fund library programs.

The last time we stopped accepting book donations was 2013.

This year’s hiatus is due to the fact that we are temporarily moving

In January the library will take care of some long-deferred and necessary repairs including asbestos remediation and new carpet installation.

These tasks require that the library close on Jan. 16 and temporarily move to #19 & #23 Kent Green Boulevard for a few weeks.

The estimated time of returning to 32 North Main Street is early February.

After Feb. 16, book donations will again be happily accepted.

If you would like to volunteer for the book sale, please contact the library at 860-927-3761.

The Annual Book Sale is a vital part of the Library’s income, accounting for a significant amount of the Library’s operating budget.

The Kent Memorial Library’s mission is to enrich the lives of individuals and the community by providing materials, programs, and services to encourage reading, learning and imagination.

For more information, visit the 32 North Main St. library or call 860-927-3761..

Sarah Marshall

Library Director

Kent Memorial Library