Letter: Group encourages votes for women state representatives

To the Editor:

With so much focus on national political races, we must remember that the elections for our state representatives deserve the same attention and importance. State representatives vote on critical decisions that affect our everyday lives in New Milford, and especially the lives of women.

Women have been hit harder by job losses during this pandemic — before the pandemic, women held 77 percent of the jobs in education and health services, but they account for 83 percent of the jobs lost in those sectors, according to the National Women’s Law Center.

More than ever, women are concerned about access to affordable healthcare. The Affordable Health Care Act, and women’s right to choose when to have children is again under attack because of the Supreme Court nomination and the Republican majority in the U.S. Senate.

What can we do locally? Start by voting for women because one of the biggest hurdles for women today is underrepresentation in our state government. Women in Connecticut make up only 33.2 percent of the state legislature — 62 out of 187 members — yet women are more than 50 percent of the state’s population.

We can change that equation by voting for Hilary Ram in the 67th District, and Danette Onofrio in the 108th. Both candidates will prioritize affordable healthcare, childcare, education funding and jobs.

Hilary and Danette will support a woman’s right to reproductive choice.

They both believe in science and support legislation that will help us navigate and overcome the COVID19 pandemic that has disrupted our lives in so many ways.

It’s time to have new energy, experience, and perspectives in our state legislature.

Make your vote count. Elect Hilary and Danette as our next state representatives!

Mary Jane Lundgren


Adrienne Aurichio

Vice Chairwoman

New Milford Democratic Town Committee