Letter: Gronbach will 'represent our interests'

To the Editor:

Almost three years have passed since David Gronbach left office after serving a single term as mayor of New Milford. Yet he remains a polarizing figure. Is that because he was bad at his job? No, it’s because he did his job.

After decades of Republican-dominated government, residents of the town of steady habits have become accustomed to mayors who make an appearance at every community function, shake hands, kiss babies, and get nothing done.

Gronbach’s two-year term was a whirlwind of activity that caught all of us by surprise. Instead of rubber-stamping business as usual, he pored over every line item on the town’s balance sheet, and identified numerous ways to reduce expenses without raising taxes or cutting vital services, such as education.

He not only followed through on his campaign promise to convert John Pettibone School into a community center, but succeeded in getting it open and running in short order, and at minimal cost to the town.

From all accounts, Park & Rec, Social Services and the Youth Agency are thriving in their new spaces. If the Republicans had gotten their way, this property would be nothing but another vacant lot with a “For Sale” sign and a giant stamp on top saying “Price Reduced.”

Nobody’s perfect. David Gronbach’s fatal flaw is that he’s not a politician. He doesn’t take marching orders from wealthy special interests. He does his homework and makes decisions based on real facts, not alternative facts.

New Milford residents of modest means are worse off because he’s no longer our mayor. But residents of the 30th Senate District will be well served by having him represent our interests at the state level.

Vote Gronbach on Nov. 3.

Tom O’Brien

New Milford