Letter: Gronbach is 'what we need now in Hartford'

To the Editor:

“The 30th District needs a fresh voice that is independent enough to work within the Democratic majority and stand up for our unique needs and issues.”

These are David Gronbach' s words and he is saying what I believe we need. With these words, he is representing me.

David is a business owner and former mayor of New Milford. He understands what our community is all about and he has the energy and experience to fight for us in Hartford.

I also served our community in the past as an elected member of the New Milford Board of Ed for 20 years. I know how easy it is to criticize our elected officials, to believe that anyone could do a better job. But, once you sit on the other side of that table, you learn just how difficult it is to serve all the people. As mayor, David stepped up and made educated decisions for New Milford.

That is what we need now in Hartford, someone like David who is not afraid to rock that boat and get things done.

These are indeed turbulent times and a vote for David Gronbach as State Senator will help all of us begin to get our Northwestern Connecticut community back to where we all need and want it to be.

Alexandra Thomas

New Milford