To the Editor:

Gallery 25 and Creative Arts Studio wishes to thank all the artists and volunteers who participated in this year’s Open Juried Fine Art Show.

Community events like the Open Fine Art Show enhance cultural opportunities for those who live here and provide opportunities for artists and others to visit and learn about New Milford.

Gallery participants know from speaking with visitors that they contribute to our local economy by shopping and dining here.

Many ask about other organizations and events and we are happy to provide that information.

As a result of generous donations, Gallery 25 is able to offer its fine arts programs throughout the year.

We especially thank The Iron Rail and C&C Cabinetry of New Milford, who offered much needed prizes for this year’s Open Juried Fine Art Show.

Their generosity made our show a success.

We also thank New Milford Commission on the Arts, which oversees all our programs and events.

Further information about the show, and upcoming events, can be read on the gallery website at https:// and Facebook pages.

We encourage New Milford residents and guests to view our pages and to join us for future programs.

Thank you again.

Diane Dubreuil

Director of Gallery 25 and Creative Arts Studio

New Milford