To The Editor:

I would like to take a few minutes to send out my sincere thank you to the anonymous person(s) who found my wallet on Sept. 23 and turned it in at the New Milford Police Department.

As the day unfolded, I was preparing for an important job interview.

Thoroughly exhausted at the end of the night before, having been out of state, I was remiss to account for my wallet at bedtime and upon awaking and preparing for my day I realized that it was no longer on my person or in any of the usual places I keep it.

I began to retrace all my steps from my arrival home the evening before but unsuccessfully located my wallet.

Time was passing quickly and I didn’t want to miss my connecting train. I assumed my wallet was somewhere around the house.

My daughters agreed to assist me with the situation, as I was shared my stress and dismay of my circumstances. They promised to help me find it when I came home that evening.

As I was riding into Stamford, my phone rang; it was a New Milford number. A voice presented me with tremendous relief. It was the New Milford Police Department letting me know that a wallet with my “license in it was turned in a short time ago.”

I would like to say a certain calmness overcame me, but more so it was a sense of happiness followed by tremendous relief.

The happiness came from the fact that that whoever came across my wallet had my world in their hands and thought enough of the common decency that we learn and are asked to display for each other from a young age had taken root, and when the situation called for it was utilized.

The police had to do some investigation to find my number to contgract me and instead of my wallet becoming part of a lost and found collection the priority was to put me and it back together again.

The details of who turned it were not available to me when I came back to the police station that evening, so I want to express my gratitude to both the Good Samaritan(s) and the staff at the police department who made sure I was contacted and then tended to my wallet’s care until I was reunited with it when I arrived back home.

To everyone who had a hand in returning my wallet, I wish to extend my heartfelt, profound and sincere gratitude for not only allowing me me resume my life with minimal complications, as well as allowing me to share the story what the decency of doing the right thing truly means for myself and for each of us.

Again to all of you — the unknown person and the police department staff — please accept from heart and soul my grand thank you for what you did for me.

Dennis Wainwright

New Milford