To the Editor:

The fifth anniversary of “Light the Green Orange” event was held on the Village Green Sunday.

The occasion was to remind people about gun violence which goes unchecked, where lip service is more important than action or do something about it.

A seventh grader from Sandy Hook in Newtown, who was in first grade at the time of the shooting, was there. He will “never see his friends again.”

His key word was repeated often — “enough.” It is time to take action.

Another person spoke about her sister, Hanna, who did not see her get married, and the terrible trauma she still goes through even to the point of wanting to take her own life. However; she did not. She has sought help.

Some people made speeches but did not capture what just these two individuals have gone through, not only in Connecticut, but wherever there have been mass shootings.

Enough talk. It is time for action.

As a former educator in Danbury, I would not like to go through a gun training course to protect children or myself against someone carrying an assault weapon with the capacity to fire multiple rounds.

I love teaching, but this makes me wonder if this the best profession for me.

George Ogno

New Milford