To the Editor:

This Memorial Day, we remember those who courageously gave their lives for our country.

To those who have fought and those who are fighting, we admire your courage and appreciate your sacrifices.

We salute you, honor you and thank you.

It’s challenging to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes.

It takes all of us pulling together to see men and women that have served, reach their potential.

If you need proof look at our wounded warriors, they say they are not disabled they are able.

Come join us on May 19 for our fundraiser to enable the veterans from Connecticut, New York and Massachusetts to bowl free every Sunday starting June 2 for 12 weeks on the new veterans’ league.

Let them know we’ve got their back, no matter what they are going through.

Many veterans are fighting with PTSD

Patti Jennings has been treating veterans with this disorder for the last seven years.

Let’s recognize this and get these veterans the help they need.

Kevin Anderson

DolrBills Bowling & Family Entertainment Center

New Milford