To the Editor:

Well New Milford, it is another election year for our municipality.

Unfortunately, our local politics are starting to resemble our national political scene.

Although I’m not on social media, I have heard there’s a lot of discussion around my decision to run for the Board of Education as a write-in candidate.

I’d like to explain why I’m running as a write-in candidate after serving the past four years as a member of the Board of Ed.

First of all, due to miscommunication with the Democratic Town Committee, I was not put on the slate and at that time I just accepted that my term would end in November.

But as I reflected on the time I served and the valuable experience and knowledge I obtained, I felt a desire to continue in my role as a Board of Ed member.

During the past four years, besides the sub committees all board members serve on, I have been on the Negotiating Team and Wellness Committee for the past four years. I have also been on the Turf Field Advisory Committee since its inception.

When one begins their service on the board, there’s a big learning curve. But after four years, one begins to understand the complexities of being a Board of Ed member.

I’m at that point and it’s the reason I decided to run as a write-in candidate. I feel my experience and knowledge of the past 4 years would be an asset to New Milford.

So I’m asking folks who agree with me, please write in my name for the Board of Education. It’s been a tremendous privilege to serve New Milford, and I hope I will be able to continue this service.

Bill Dahl