To the Editor:

It is with a thankful heart my family extends its sincere thanks to family and friends who have reached out to us after the recent passing of my husband, Paul “Pete” Henry Chauvin Jr.

We are fortunate to know such thoughtful, kind and loving individuals.

It will be difficult for us to say goodbye to Pete Nov. 2 at 10 a.m. when he will be buried at Prince of Peace Cemetery at 119 Junction Road in Brookfield.

But your support has helped us and will continue to help us through the days ahead.

Pete, 86, died Oct. 17.

He was a proud veteran and an adventurous soul who loved to sail and play sports.

Once again, the support we have received has made this difficult time a little more bearable. Thank you.

Ann Marie Chauvin

On behalf of the family

New Milford