To the Editor:

The New Milford Board of Education is tasked with overseeing a $62 million budget, ensuring a dynamic education for every student in a safe and healthy environment.

As I have learned from my service on the board, the decisions we make are numerous and vast — from evaluating curriculum to deciding what to do with outdated oil tanks. Experience counts.

Tammy McInerney and Brian McCauley have this experience. In addition to their regular board duties, Tammy chairs the Policy Committee and Brian chairs the Facilities Committee. With their valuable experience, both should be returned to the Board of Education.

David Lawson is running for Town Council. The Board of Education is the largest single budget driver in the town. With his 16 years on the board and his experience guiding many budgets to approval, bringing this expertise to the Town Council will be a huge advantage to the overall operation of our town. Vote to move his experience and dedication to the Town Council.

Bill Dahl has served four years on the board. He is on the Operations Committee but, most importantly, he serves on the Negotiations Committee.

Dealing with many diverse groups that have contracts takes expertise. His skill and patience make both sides feeling valued. Bill has done this and we need him to continue.

So consider mixing experience and new blood on the Board of Education. Vote for Lawson for the Town Council, McCauley, McInenery and Dahl for the Board of Education. Write in Bill Dahl on the ballot’s Board of Education line.

Eileen Monaghan

New Milford