Letter: Calls for Ram vote on Election Day

To the Editor:

Ronald Reagan said, “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I'm from the Government, and I'm here to help.”

If President Eisenhower had had the nerve to utter those words, a scandal would have ensued. Prior to the 1980s, the majority of Americans trusted our government to be a force for good.

Republican politicians have spent the last 40 years waving the flag, while demonizing the government, serving up tax cuts to the rich, austerity to those of us who weren’t smart enough to choose wealthy parents.

Their “Reverse Robin Hood” policies have created the greatest wealth gap in history, made higher education and healthcare unaffordable, devastated an infrastructure that once was the envy of the world, and left us ill-equipped to respond to the greatest threat to human life in a century.

I support Hilary Ram for 67th District State Representative because she believes that government is not an occupying army of thugs; it is us, working together for the common good, in a way that no for-profit corporation will ever do.

Hilary will fight to ensure that “essential workers” are fairly paid, that our schools are responsibly-funded, that affordable healthcare is available to all, and that our roads, rails, bridges, and pipes are adequate to support a robust economy and withstand the forces of an increasingly hostile climate.

Vote Ram on Nov. 3.

Tom O’Brien

New Milford