Letter: Bass says 'let's re-elect Bill Buckbee' to House seat

To the Editor:

As New Milford moves into the new decade, it is more important now than ever to have a representative in the State House that has both the history of New Milford and its needs, and the passion to work for us in Hartford.

State Rep. Buckbee has grown up and lived in New Milford his whole life, as part of a multi-generational family in New Milford, Bill has the unique experience to blend the needs of those residents that have lived here for years with those that have just moved to our wonderful Town.

Bill has been active in the community for years, from coaching our youth to being executive director of Harrybrooke Park.

Bill has been a lead fighter in Hartford on opioid addiction, including proposing a bill that would have the health insurance companies cover detox and substance abuse services.

In addition, eliminating the personal income tax on pension income for those 67 years or older, free fishing licenses to veterans, requiring background checks for employees of licensed youth camps, funding for regional agricultural and technology education centers, reimbursement of firefighter training costs and bringing the train back to New Milford are some of the bills Bill has introduced.

Let’s re-elect Bill Buckbee to represent us in the 67th in Hartford.

Let Buckbee do it.

Pete Bass


New Milford