Letter: Area Interfaith Clergy denounces conspiracy group QAnon

To the Editor:

To our fellow residents of Bethlehem, Bridgewater, Middlebury, Oxford, Roxbury, Seymour, Southbury, Washington, Watertown and Woodbury, as faith leaders and residents of this area of Northwest Connecticut, we denounce the rhetoric and lies being spread by the conspiracy theory group QAnon, an organization considered by the FBI to be a potential domestic terrorist group.

While we represent a diverse group of faith traditions, we believe that QAnon is antithetical to the fundamental belief that we should love our neighbors as ourselves.

Fomenting anti-Semitism, racism, fear, and violence is against everything we stand for, and we ask you to join us in our claim that this type of ideology has no place in our state or national legislatures.

The Faith leaders and communities in State Senate District 32

The Rev. Robyn Gray, Ph.D., First Congregational Church of Washington

The Rev. Dr. Geoffrey Hahneman, St. John's Episcopal Church, Washington

The Rev. Linda S. Williams, Salem Covenant Church, Washington Depot

Rabbi James Greene, Greater Washington Coalition for Jewish Life

Pastor Ellen Willert, Acting Pastor New Preston Congregational Church

Saint Andrew's Episcopal Church, Marble Dale

The Rev. Richard Koenig, North Congregational Church, Woodbury

The Rev. Shannon Wall, Woodbury

The Rev. David F. Peters, Roxbury Congregational Church

The Rev. Bonnie Bardot, Southbury