To the Editor:

As the Region 12 debate drones on with little new under the sun coming forth, it has occurred to me it may be time for the newly consolidated town of "Broxington" to be born.

We have heard ad nauseum how a consolidated elementary school would leave little Bridgewater and Roxbury as the only towns in Connecticut without their very own elementary schools -- well, no longer would that need to be a concern.

Broxington would sprawl a bit, but its square mileage would not be much greater than that of New Milford or Newtown. Its population (7,500 or so) would place it somewhere between Litchfield and Thomaston.

Okay, the politics get a little tricky but I bet we could sell Roxbury's Barbara Henry as first selectman, Bridgewater's Bill Stuart as Connecticut's first mounted sheriff (with his "hounds club" as a volunteer mounted posse replacing our resident troopers) and Washington's Mark Lyon as happy head of a now greatly expanded highway department.

Consolidated land use and other volunteer municipal boards would now be bulging with surplus talent from which Broxington could choose the best and the brightest.

Most importantly, the spiffy new K-12 public school complex high on a sun-drenched hill hard by the former Washington/Roxbury border would be Broxington's very own "home town" school.

Bridgewater and Roxbury residents (as Broxingtonians) would be able to lay claim to that world-class inn and spa up on Route 47, a couple of badly needed country clubs and Lake Waramaug's beautiful south shore.

Former Washingtonians could now seize (and I guess rename) their now "hometown" line of gourmet chocolates.

Silly? Of course. But no sillier -- reckless actually -- than the really cold assertion that unfortunate Region 12 middle and high school students henceforth be "tuitioned out" to hither, thither and yon (and perhaps Poughkeepsie).

But then maybe some of those recommending such banishment were going to send their dollars, darlings and grand-darlings to the Elysian Fields of the Taft and Kent schools anyway.

No one is disputing Burnham and Booth are top-rated little schools. But isn't this because of the quality of teacher, student, administrator and parent, rather than the substandard facilities?

Why would a move to a state-of-the-art (and still small) consolidated school change anything but for the better?

Washington kids were perfectly okay last time I checked. Besides, they would all be Broxington kids now.

Starting to sound like this melee is more about the parents than the kids. Hope the media won't choose to "stir the pot" on this one.

Allen Kerr