To the Editor:

The Wildlife-Line of Sherman would like to thank everyone who has supported our organization this past year and to update you on a few exciting developments.

Our 2011 season was a great year not only because of the success we achieved in rehabilitating animals but due to the tremendous support we received by way of donations and volunteers.

Four of the six deer released are still surviving on their own and have even been sighted interacting with a wild herd.

Since our inception in 2009, this is the most success we have had with reintroducing deer back into the wild.

Statistics show only 45 percent of fawns survive their first year of life so we feel truly happy with our results.

We could not have done this without the support of our donors, volunteers and neighbors.

Each deer is numbered with a yellow ear tag so please feel free to give the Wildlife-Line a call if you spot one.

We would love to hear from you if you see one of our deer and learn where the deer were sighted.

We are also grateful for the DEP telemetry study conducted to monitor the deer's progress, which is so important for keeping track of where the deer are traveling, how far from the release site they have gone and if they are alive and well.

Finally, the Wildlife-Line would like to express its tremendous gratitude to the Grace Christian Fellowship Church of Newtown, which donated a very large fence enclosure to provide enough fencing to rebuild our deer pen and add an additional pen in the woods for a more realistic environment.

We are overwhelmed by the generosity.

We do still need a means of transporting the fence to the Wildlife-Line. We are also looking for assistance in obtaining a small excavator to help in the installation of the fence. The fence must be installed fairly deep into the ground and the area would need to be leveled off and graded.

If you or someone you know has the equipment, time and expertise or you wish to make a donation toward renting this equipment, we would be appreciative.

Please contact the Wildlife-Line before April 30.

We can set up a time when you are given a tour of the facility and volunteer opportunities are discussed. There are many ways to help and we can find what works best for you and your schedule.

As you may know, this endeavor cannot be possible without the support of the community. Please go to our website at to make a donation.

We are a 5(01)C3 organization and can provide a tax-deductible letter for any donations made to the Wildlife-Line.

As spring approaches, please remember not to move any orphaned or injured animal unless they appear to be in immediate danger. Contact the Wildlife-Line at 860-355-5795 or another wildlife rehabilitator to help evaluate the situation.

If you must move the animal to protect it, pick it up with heavy gloves or a shovel. Put it in a dark ventilated box in a quiet spot.

Go to our website at if you need more direction.

You may also reach out to, which is a comprehensive site with more details on what to do if you encounter an orphaned, injured or otherwise wild animal.

Debbie Corcione

Founder and president