To the Editor:

The Kent Memorial Library held its very successful spring gala fundraiser at a beautiful home in Kent, for which we wish to thank the donors.

More than 260 people attended on June 16. They were entertained by music from the '40s and '50s.They enjoyed food and drinks from the same era while bidding on interesting auction items.

The numbers of volunteers involved shows the generosity and giving spirit of Kent residents. Thank you for supporting the Kent Memorial Library.

We hope you will continue to do so by visiting our book sale and purchasing car raffle tickets.

We wish to thank the restaurants and businesses who donated their time and services to this event.

Many thanks to the spring gala party committee and all the many volunteers:

Karen Altfest, Tony Antonios, John Baker, Josie Bessmer, Jan Bornn, Craig Boultinghouse, Jim Brownell, Irene Connors, Ellen Corsell, Beth Dooley, Sandra Edelman, Susan Forbes, Michael Hallows, Ellen Horowitz, Jane Kates and Susan Kennedy.

Also, Georgianne Kent, Betty Krasne, Abigail LaFontan, Maria LaFontan, Olivia LaFontan, Vincent LaFontan, Leslie Levy, Rick Levy, Kathleen Lindenmeyer, Bob Markowitz, Anne Martin and Dick Martin.

Also, Hank McWhinnie, Sue McWhinnie, Rudy Molho, Wendy Murphy, Lynn Perry, Toni Presti, Larry Rivkin, Carla Schere, Mark Sebetic, Bob Teleski, Margaret Wiener, John Youngblood, Katie Zarin and Laurie Zarin.

Thanks to the staff and our new library director, John Fuchs, and marketing and events director Lucy Pierpont.

A special thanks to Gary Davis of the Davis IGA and Elisa Potts of the Fife'n Drum for supplying a substantial portion of the food.

Super speciality cocktails were provided by J.D. Altobello of Ripe Craft Bar Juice and, as always, thanks to Ira Smith of Kent Wine & Spirits for his generosity.

Thank you to all who attended and supported us financially.

Liddy Baker

Sharon Hartwick

Roz Molho

Janet Rivkin

Margaret Shaw

Patsy Stroble


Kent Memorial Library

Spring gala fundraiser