[The following is an open letter from First Selectman Barbara Henry of Roxbury about United States Winter Olympics athlete Lindsey Jacobellis, who grew up in Roxbury and whose family still lives there.]

While I'm sure the women's snowboard cross race was a heartbreaker for Lindsey, she will always have the distinction of being an Olympic medalist.

She will also always have the distinction and honor of being on Team USA three times, representing the U.S. in the last three Winter Olympics.

Therefore, she will always be a winner and a champion.

Besides beauty and brains, she has the qualities of a true elite athlete that should be admired by all.

What's not to be proud of?

I'm sure she's disappointed this year -- we all are for her. But she has nothing to hang her head about... you know she was trying her best.

She's handled her defeats before with humility and grace. She's heads above the crowd and an inspiration.

And like she has said, she has brought attention to her sport, a sport she loves and for which she has many medals and championships under her belt.

People can always identify who got the medals at the Olympics, particularly the gold.

What some fail to remember is that those who do not get a medal in their event have also trained long and hard with the same drive, determination and focus of the medal winner.

They possess those same qualities or they wouldn't be at the Olympics in the first place.

Falling down five times but getting up six is what it's all about. And every athlete there has gotten up that one more time.

They work equally as hard as the medalist. But at the end of the day, not everyone can be on the stage wearing the gold, silver or bronze.

Lindsey may not have won an Olympic medal this year, but she has won the hearts of many forever.

We in Roxbury are very proud of her and her accomplishments and will always be proud to call her one of our own.

Still proud.

Barbara Henry

First Selectman