To the Editor:

I recently read an article positing the most important quality a Board of Education candidate must possess is an understanding that the role is to make strategic choices for the well-being of the district, in line with the interests of the entire school community of teachers, students, parents, administrators and taxpayers.

Angela Chastain's proven ability to connect with all stakeholders in our community to successfully resolve differences is why I will cast my vote for her in the upcoming election and why I confidently recommend her as a candidate for the New Milford Board of Education.

New Milford, like many districts, is facing numerous challenges, such as declining enrollment, implementation of common core standards, retention of superior teachers and stretching dollars to fund extra-curricular activities and STEM initiatives.

If it is to effectively navigate these challenges, the Board of Education needs members who are willing to approach each issue with an open mind, who respect diverse points of view and who are adept at developing creative solutions.

As a former town-wide PTO president, current high school PTO president and current interim member of the New Milford Board of Education, Angie has consistently demonstrated her ability to work closely with the entire school community to find commonality and move forward with creative solutions rooted in common sense.

Angie brings with her extensive knowledge and understanding of district policies, guidelines, needs, challenges and strengths which would allow her to hit the ground running.

As a mother of three boys, all of whom are either currently attending or have graduated from New Milford public schools, Angie's commitment to the values of public education and her passion for seeking to continually improve the New Milford public school system in particular, in my opinion, cannot be matched.

I hope you will join me in voting for Angela Chastain for the Board of Education.

Lori-Ann Lytle

New Milford