Laud support for Shepaug students' benefit run

To the Editor:

The Shepaug Valley High School freshman class's Lyme fundraising run was a great success May 10.

The idea for a run/fundraiser came up since both Martin and Kathleen have been affected by what are known as rare tick-born illnesses.

The recovery is long and, without proper intervention, the path to wellness can be overwhelming and disheartening.

Kathleen has been in the process of recovery due to misdiagnosis for more than two years and Martin missed more than eight weeks of school this year due to a misdiagnosis.

Both freshmen at Shepaug, they chose to work on this fundraiser to bring about awareness.

The freshmen made more than $440 and also raised more than $440 in donations for the American Lyme Association.

They want to thank everyone who supported this cause: Roxbury road race runners, Shepaug students and parents, including Region 12 Board of Education members Michelle Gorra and Mike Sinatra.

A special thank you to the Roxbury road race series for supporting this cause.

Martin Meyer

Class president

Kathleen Sinatra

and other class officers

Shepaug Valley