To The Editor:

The families of the New Milford Express 15U baseball team want to thank the people of the New Milford area for their outpouring of generosity on Mother's Day weekend at our event on the Village Green.

"Hey, Mom, Wanna Have A Catch?" proved to be a great success and we have so many folks to thank. We apologize in advance if we forget anyone as there are so many to thank.

First, thanks to Mayor Pat Murphy for her support and participation. Mayor Murphy's staff, Tammy, Monica and Marla, who always come through for our kids, and Grace Linhard of the Western Connecticut Health Network for the same.

Thanks to Tasty Waves Yogurt for its sponsorship and incredible generosity, which was above and beyond anything we anticipated.

Thank you to the town of New Milford, Parks & Recreation, especially Dan Calhoun, Denise DelMastro of the Chamber of Commerce, Tivoli Restaurant, Rawlings Sporting Goods, John Kaiser and Bart Busterna of WLAD, Tim Sheehan of WRKI, John Torsiello of the Housatonic Times, Norm and Art Cummings of the Greater New Milford Spectrum and Danbury News-Times, Tivoli Restaurant, Paul Iverson and New Milford American Legion Baseball, Junior Rodriguez for his donation and kindness, Moots & Pellegrini of New Milford, Sonny Shaw, Mike Ferguson and First National Bank of Crystal Falls, Michigan.

A special thanks to a very special family. You know who you are.

And again, if someone is left off this list, we apologize.

Our goal was to set a world record. We played catch with a baseball for 48 hours, 1 minute and 19.4 seconds.

But what we really did was create a bond with our families, our friends and a lot of folks in the New Milford community. We had more than 220 participants help us to give back and raise awareness for breast health.

In the process, we created a unique experience that will, for many, be a lifetime memory.

Again, New Milford, thank you. You are the best.

The Olsons

The Palliscos

The Gonzalezes

The Knights

The Fabiches

The Rehm

The Dolcimascolos

The Butlers

The Olmsteds

The Cyrs

The Dixons

The Farrells

The Laurentuses

The Tituses

The Usatys

Members and coaches

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