Islands on Candlewood Lake will be closed to the public beginning Saturday after reports of large gatherings and potential risk of spreading the coronavirus.

FirstLight Power Resources announced it was closing access to all of the islands it owns on the lake. This includes Sand Island, Blueberry Island, Skeleton Island, Skull Island, Oak Island, Cedar Island, City Island, Green Island, Deer Island and two unnamed islands off of Dike Point Park.

The decision was made in collaboration between the power company, the Candlewood Lake Authority and the first selectmen in Sherman and New Fairfield, said Len Greene, FirstLight’s spokesman.

“This necessary action follows reports of gatherings of large groups of people, sometimes numbering in the hundreds, without proper social distancing and other precautions taken to stop the spread of COVID-19,” Greene said. “FirstLight will reopen the islands for public access as soon as it is safe to do. We regret this inconvenience, but we are committed to keeping lake visitors safe and to supporting all of Connecticut's efforts to reverse the COVID-19 pandemic.”