Nearly 300 strong celebrated the 10th edition of the Lake Waramaug Sprint Triathlon by competing June 18 at Mountain Lake and environs in Warren.

Two-hundred forty-two triathletes accepted the challenge of all three legs of the race to complete a half-mile swim in Mountain Lake, a 12.5-mile bicycle ride through parts of Warren, Washington and Kent, and a 3.1-mile run.

Another 42 athletes participated via a relay division won by Kristie Timmer and Peter Gogarty in 1:03.46.

Proceeds of the benefit event, hosted by veteran triathlete Mandy Braverman of New Milford, include the Police Explorers, Washington/Warren Volunteer Ambulance, Boy Scouts and Mountain Lake Camp.

Paul McCloskey of Belchertown, Mass. was the individual champion in 1:01:55, arriving at the finish more than two minutes head of Cliff Scherb of Norwalk.

The women's champion was Megan Kelly of Stamford in a 10th-place time of 1:10:57, outlasting 23rd-place Katey Scrimgeour of West Hartford by about five minutes.

Among the age-group divisional champions was Steve Haas of Washington, who captured the men's age 55-59 group in 1:17:10.

Following are the Greater New Milford-area triathletes who completed the entire race:


Kathy Creighton (161st, 1:38:54); Carolyn Conant (165th, 1:40:17).


Justin Soule (38th, 1:18:18).

New Milford

Robert Jones (18th, 1:14:13); Sloan Elsesser (19th, 1:14:40); Richard Portelance (47th, 1:19:45); Brian Cossari (51st, 1:21:00); Jim Carmellini (58th, 1:22:06); Bill Baker (69th, 1:24:15); Paul Drost (79th, 1:27:16); Wendy Carlson (89th, 1:28:21).

Patrick Cunningham (96th, 1:29:15); Richard Geddis (97th, 1:29:35); Ken Taylor (126th, 1:33:44); Laurie Carmelllini (176th, 1:41:35); Ceil O'Doherty (193rd, 1:44:58); Nicole Jackson (206th, 1:50:10).


Cathy Racz (183rd, 1:42:29); Stephanie Banyai Jordan (210th, 1:50:42).


Joe Beatty (21st, 1:15: 31); Eugene Zeitler (22nd, 1:15:37); Dana DaCunha (153rd, 1:38:01); Alex Thomson (212th, 1:51:11); Kim Thomson (228th, 2:02:58).


Bill Mansfield (52nd, 1:21:01); Lisa Cornelio (76th, 1:26:42).


Wayne Churyk (20th, 1:15:02); Steve Haas (31st, 1:17:10); Stacie Perachi (72nd, 1:24:51); David Connolly (109th, 1:30:45), Thomas Tazza (138th, 1:34:58); Eliza Paolucci (169th, 1:40:34); Michelle Gorra (181st, 1:42:12); Cassie Depecol (185th, 1:42:50); Jennifer Pote (218th, 1:53:47).