The Lake Waramaug Task Force has a new chairwoman.

Molly Butler Hart of Warren has been elected chairwoman, succeeding Linda Frank of Washington.

The task force is a not-for-profit group charged with maintaining the water quality of Lake Waramaug and its watershed.

It is located in Kent, Warren and Washington.

As a result of the group’s efforts during the last 40 years, the lake has been designated as a Connecticut Heritage Lake and is featured in “1,000 Places To See Before You Die.”

Under the leadership of Frank for the last five years, the task force reports it has continued to improve the quality of Lake Waramaug.

Water clarity is now eight to 10 feet in depth and phosphorous readings are 50 percent lower than they were 20 years ago.

Harmful algae blooms are now less frequent, less intense and of shorter duration.

The lake is relatively free of invasive plant species.

This spring the task force installed an extensive aeration system designed to aid water clarity.

An erosion control program is currently being launched to reduce phosphorous leakage into the lake.

Tom McGowan is the longtime executive director.

Other task force board members are Anthony Bedini, Randy Bernard, Carolyn Brau, Kristen Browne, Jay Combs, Hilary Hopkins Criollo, Kenneth Hecken, Jim Hicks, Joan Larned, David Lindley, Richard Loughney, Kirby Mullen, David Robinson, Dr. Eric Salk, Dan Scherr, Lee Vance and Thomas Yamin.