LHTC ‘grateful’ for support from community

To the Editor:

Litchfield Hills Transition Center, part of New Milford Public Schools, prepares young adults with disabilities to become productive and contributing members of the community.

Our center provides developmental programs that focus on improving employability skills, increasing independence, and building stronger independent living skills. It works on strengthening peer relationship skills that will enhance the quality of life for young adults and their families.

This program would not be as successful without the support and generosity of local business, the community and many wonderful volunteers. Improving employability skills would not be possible without our local businesses that open their doors and provide real-life work experiences.

We are grateful for all they have done for our students and would like to thank: Stew Leonard’s, Town Fair Tire, JoAnn Fabrics, Petco and All Star Batting Cages, all in Brookfield; Hill and Plain Elementary School, Big Lots, Modzelewski’s Auto Body Works, the New Milford United Methodist Church, Big Y, Joe’s Salon and Spa, The Maxx and the New Milford Youth Agency Catering, the central office for NMPS, Sullivan Farm, St. Francis Xavier Church and Northville Elementary School, all of New Milford; Steep Rock Association and the Gunnery dining hall in Washington; and Camps Road Farm in Kent.

Through careers tours, on-site trainings and exposure to community resources, our students were able to gain information and community access skills.

We are grateful for all they have done for our students and would like to thank: YMCA in Brookfield; Chef Kerry Gold, director of Plow to Plate at New Milford Hospital in New Milford; Anne Hungerford, owner of Ah Yoga in New Milford and New Preston; Brett Christensen of Mobility Training at The Kennedy Center in Danbury; Costco, in particular Jaime and Lisa), in Brookfield; Cabela’s, in particular Gwynnyth Henderson, in East Hartford; Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk; AMC Lowes in Danbury; Bounce in Danbury; and 1 Twenty Two restaurant, in particular Chelsea, Dennis and Angie, in New Milford.

Also, a special thank you to Mark Mankin and Luke Covelli of New Milford Youth Agency and The Maxx for allowing our program to be in a space that gives our students access to the downtown community.

We would also like to thank the following individuals who volunteered their time and talents with us: Kristina St. Jean, Deb Andrews, Becky Swanson, Sue Edelstein, Michael Clyne, Jack Gilpin, Diane Decker and Ashley Kraft. A special thank you to all of the LHTC job coaches, staff, and parents for their hard work and continued support.

Again, thank you all for the goodness and time you have invested in our program for the benefit our students.

As Henry David Thoreau said, “Goodness is the only investment that never fails.”

Ashley Vinhateiro

Roxanne Kraft

LHTC Transition Program Special Education Teachers