Did you watch the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race last Friday night?

If you didn't, I'm sure you've heard by now what Kyle Busch did in the race that got him parked for the rest of the weekend.

On lap 14 of the race, Kyle and Ron Hornaday were beating and banging on each other's truck.

The caution flag came out and Kyle went after Ron, turning him head on into the wall. Both trucks were destroyed.

Even if Kyle could have continued, NASCAR officials told him to park the truck.

NASCAR officials informed Kyle on Saturday morning they had decided to park him for the weekend, meaning he couldn't compete in the Nationwide or Sprint Cup series races.

Kyle was running for the championship in the Sprint Cup series and Ron was third in points going into the truck race Friday.

Kyle was wrong and NASCAR had to do something. But I'm really on the fence about carrying a penalty over to a different series.

All three series are sanctioned under NASCAR rules, so NASCAR seems to think it's OK to carry a penalty over. It's been done only three other times.

Kyle could have hurt himself, or Ron, not to mention the caution flag was out and the safety crews were coming on the track.

All the other drivers were slowing down while Kyle was speeding up to catch Ron.

Parking Kyle for the rest of the weekend doesn't affect just Kyle.

It affects his team, his owner and, most importantly, his sponsors.

The sponsors pour big bucks into these teams and I've seen them pull sponsorship because of the conduct of a driver.

I believe Kyle's on thin ice.

In a statement to the media, NASCAR's president, Mike Helton, said they took Kyle's actions from the year into consideration and decided it was time to do something.

NASCAR wanted to make sure they got Kyle's attention. On Monday, NASCAR fined Kyle $50,000 and put him on probation until Dec. 31.

The Sprint Cup guys are in Phoenix on Sunday starting at 3 p.m. on ESPN.