Kimberly-Clark Corp., which has a facility in New Milford, has released its 2011 sustainability report -- Full Circle -- highlighting the company's progress toward its Sustainability 2015 goals.

The 2011 sustainability report is the company's ninth sustainability report and is structured around the company's Sustainability 2015 strategy framework of People, Planet and Products, introduced last year.

The new framework represents its most ambitious and comprehensive sustainability strategy to date, and embodies the company's commitment to weaving a sustainable business practice and mindset into every facet of the organization and as an integral part of its global business plan.

"In 2011,we introduced Sustainability 2015, an aggressive set of goals and strategies that encompasses the full circle of our responsibilities and opportunities to improve lives by contributing to the environmental, social and economic success in the communities we operate around the world," " said Suhas Apte, vice president of global sustainability.

"I'm proud to report we made progress on the majority of our goals during the first year of our five-year program, advancing in such areas as workplace safety, supplier social compliance standards, water and energy reductions, third-party-certified fiber sourcing and generating net sales from environmentally innovative products, as well as in many other areas," he said.

Among the company's 2011 acomplishments:

Sourced 99.9 percent of its fiber from suppliers certified by sustainable forestry practices;

Generated 13 percent of net sales from environmentally innovative products;

accomplished its goal of zero workplace fatalities;

communicated to all of its key suppliers its Supplier Social Compliance Standards, which encourages suppliers to align its operations with the company's Code of Conduct practices and internationally accepted standards for corporate social responsibility and human rights;

achieved zero manufacturing waste to landfill from all its European Personal Care business facilities;

extended the Huggies brand Every Little Bottom campaign in the U.S. to assist moms who struggle to provide their babies with clean disposable diapers;

expanded the Huggies diaper-composting initiatives by opening a second company-sponsored recycling plant in New Zealand;

Kleenex brand became the first U.S. consumer tissue to offer Forest Stewardship Council-certified tissue products and extended its Kimberly-Clark Professional business' FSC certification to more than 95 percent of tissue and towel lines in North America;

Initiated water-replenishment projects in India, Israel, Colombia and Spain, anticipating an annualized return of 205 million gallons of water to surrounding communities;

and conducted social initiatives in 23 countries, providing cash and product donations totaling more than $32 million.

"Sustainability is no longer only in the realm of our operations, it is embedded across our entire value chain in every function, brand and business at K-C," Apte said.

Additional highlights, along with the full report, can be accessed online at