KentPresents, the largest ideas festival in the Northeast, will present its second annual conference Aug. 18-20.

The conference will bring together some 65-plus international thought leaders to consider a broad range of today's most pressing issues.

In 40 sessions spanning three days, a distinguished roster of participants, including Nobel Laureates David Baltimore and Henry Kissinger, former Planned Parenthood CEO and president Faye Wattleton and New York Times co-chief art critic Roberta Smith, among many others, will address topics that include national security, the presidential elections, the supreme court, women's issues, genetic editing, robotics, the environment, and the shifting art market.

The event will be held at Kent School on Route 341.

Sessions will be a mix of moderated panels, conversations, and presentations, including a conversation about “Two Legends on Global Intelligence” between Sir Richard Dearlove, retired chief of Britain's Secret Intelligence Service-or MI-6 with Kissinger; an interview, “Scientific Discovery of the Century” with Professor Kip Thorne, one of the three visionaries who conceived the experiment that recently confirmed Einstein's 100-year-old postulation of the existence of gravity waves, by Walter Isaacson, head of the Aspen Institute and author of the biography "Einstein;” and a discussion about women’s issues with Wattleton.

Also, “Abstract Art,” a debate between provocative art critic Jerry Saltz and art historian Pepe Karmel; an analysis of the 2016 election with noted analyst Charlie Cook, former Republican majority leader Eric Cantor, Democratic Congressman Hakeem Jeffries and others; and a question and answer session focused on “Who Was Marlon Brando?” with comedy screenwriter Andy Bergman.

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