Kent's Elyse Sadtler launches botanical skincare products

Elyse Sadtler has always loved the outdoors — the warmth and light of the sun and the colors and scents of the natural world.

And, more importantly, the healing powers that can be found in plants.

“There has always been a strong desire in me to just be in close connection with the earth,” said Sadtler, a Kent resident.

In July, she launched Fieldstone Herbal, a modern-day botanical company that explores the power of plants through small batches of personal care products and artisanal herbal remedies.

The business has released its first products in its collection of skin and body care, with items available at five stores in Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York.

Its offerings include rosemary and grapefruit facial cleansing oil, frankincense and lavender face lotion, French green clay and oat face mask, citrus and ginger scrub, chamomile and lavender body lotion, everything salve, St. John’s Wort salve, white pine smudge stick, sage and lavender smudge stick and a henna kit.

The Safari Collective in New Milford, Tarot in Thyme and Kent Greenhouse in Kent, Eileen’s Hey Dey in Great Barrington, Mass., and Buddhi Tribe in Millerton, N.Y., carry various products. Tarot in Thyme carries the full skincare line. All products are also available at

Fieldstone Herbal’s products feature organically grown and produced, ethically sourced, non-GMO ingredients.

“The face lotion features the oils of three plants indigenous to North America—jojoba oil, evening primrose oil and meadowdoam oil, all of which are all known to be rich in beneficial fatty acids in addition to being soothing to delicate facial skin,” Sadtler related.

“They have been used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes by indigenous peoples for thousands of years,” she said.

Gina Olson, owner of Tarot in Thyme, not only carries Fieldstone’s line of products but uses some.

“I love the chamomile and lavender body lotion,” Olson said. “It’s my favorite product so far.”

Eileen Ward, owner of Eileen’s Hey Dey, said the lotion and the St. John’s Wort salve are among her favorites.

She cited a product’s smell as being important, as well as how a product feels on the skin. Sadtler’s products pass those tests.

Ward, whose store showcases locally made products, as well as upcycled and recycled products, discovered Sadtler’s business on Instagram and was interested in the philosophy behind the products.

“The turn-on was her products and how they’re made, the cruelty-free, the organicness, the farm to table thing,” she said. “That was huge.”

Customers are discovering their appreciation for the products, too, Ward said. “They’re selling great here.”

Katie Shanleyof Buddhi Tribe said she “loves” the body lotion. “The smell is deeply comforting and soothing and the texture feels really hydrating.”

Sadtler, who describes herself as “a stargazer, woodland wander and plant gatherer,” said she hopes her products help others find ways to connect to nature.

“I hope that people will not only resonate with the products, but my greater message, that we should all come back to the earth and rediscover the power of the earth,” Sadtler said. “To reground ourselves.”

Last summer, she enrolled in an Earth Spirit course at Twin Star, a school of herbal and energetic studies in New Milford, where she found a way to bridge her love of nature with her desire to share the natural benefits of plants.

“It was here that I was formally introduced to spiritual herbalism, primitive nature connection and the traditions of native peoples,” the Region 12 tutor said.

She simultaneously took an accredited course on organic skin care formulation through the UK.

“I’ve always been interested in making my own skin care products,” she said.

“So, I just decided to combine the two - to use the medicinal properties of plants through the studies with making my own skin care products that leverage the benefits of the plant world,” Sadtler related of how she came to open Fieldstone Herbal.

Sadtler was able to focus more on formulas this spring when the coronavirus pandemic began because she spent more time at home.

“It’s been a fun venture, a creative outlet to make something people can benefit from,” she said.

Sadtler is working to partner with local shops to offer Fieldstone Herbal’s products at their locations, and hopes to offer special events such as drum circles and herbal programs.

For more information about Fieldstone Herbal, visit or email