The Kent Historical Society has announced it is the beneficiary of the Kent Quilters newest project, a “signature quilt,” which will permanently preserve signatures from full- and part-time Kent residents.

For a suggested minimum donation of $5, residents are invited to sign a muslin square in permanent ink by Feb. 15 by stopping by the town clerk’s office at Kent Town Hall during business hours.

All proceeds will be given to the historical society.

Signature quilts were very popular in the 19th century and groups used it as a form of fundraising, selling off the opportunity to sign the quilt and then raffling off the quilt itself.

The Kent Historical Society featured both of its signature quilts during a presentation in January 2014 by quilt expert Sue Reich of Washington.

KHS Curator Marge Smith has said that another added benefit of signature quilts is that genealogists can use these quilts as a way to determine who lived in a town.

“It will help us capture the town of Kent at a point in time that eludes census records,” Smith said.

“We are in the middle of the census cycle,” Smith said, adding that this time is called a “dark spot” for researchers.

“Genealogists sometimes get very frustrated by trying to prove who is in town at a certain time,” she said.

Jane Zatlin, who is the group coordinator for the Kent Quilters, said the group enjoys working together on community quilts.

The group decided that it would rather donate the quilt to the Society’s collection, rather than raffle it off.

Once the signatures are complete, the Kent Quilters will meet at town hall one Saturday a month to plan and make the quilt.

For more information, call 860-927-4587.