Kent officials: 'our gratitude ... knows no bounds' for food bank contributions

To the Editor:

Kent is a very special community of people who support one another in times of trial. The result of this support is evident everywhere we look.

Assisting our neighbors is part of our fabric, and, in many ways that our residents will never realize, because these kindnesses are performed quietly, without fanfare or expectation.

The Kent Food Bank is one of the beneficiaries of these acts of kindness.

Without the ongoing support and generosity of so many folks, many of whom are not Kent residents, and Kent businesses, we would simply be unable to provide the help our members need to feed their families and provide the comforts of home.

The list is endless, but includes never-ending thanks to Davis IGA, which continually provides packing prowess, financial assistance, donation space, food donations and advice, all on a regular basis, and always with a smile on the collective faces of the warm, friendly staff.

Our local organizations, which include the Kent Lions Club, the Kent Chamber of Commerce, the Kent Community Fund, and the Northwest CT Community Foundation.

We are grateful to our local farms who so generously provided fresh produce through the summer, to Bulls Bridge Body Shop that donates IGA gift cards on a very regular basis, The Kent School, and the very devoted group of teachers and kitchen magicians who helped us endlessly with Christmas meal planning, and to our local restaurants, The Fife and Drum, Cozzy’s Pizza and The Kent Pizza Garden, who, though facing such difficult and untoward circumstances themselves, continue to assist The Kent Food Bank in any way they can.

The list goes on and on, and our gratitude, and that of our Kent Food Bank members, knows no bounds. We thank you all.

Leah Pullaro

Director of Social Services

Debbe Christensen

Administrative Assistant

Town of Kent