The Kent Memorial Library has announced it now recognizes its large group of volunteers, donors and supporters as Friends of the Library.

Friends of the Library encompasses all individuals or businesses who help at events such as the gala or bake sale, volunteer at the book sale, or car raffle, participate on committees, and/or provide annual financial support by being a member of the Kent Library Association.

“We rely on so many people to keep our doors open and our collections and programs current, interesting, relevant and entertaining,” said Sarah Marshall, library director.

“Combining all the groups of volunteers and supporters into one category seems to simplify our effort in bringing everyone together as one very appreciated and cohesive group,” she said.

“In this “rebranding” of our volunteers, donors, and supporters, we will be able to streamline communications to - and acknowledgement of - all Friends with a quarterly Friends newsletter,” Marshall related.

“We’ll also host the Annual Friends Luncheon in November, where we hope Friends may discover new ways to volunteer and learn how many of their friends and neighbors are fellow Library supporters,” she said.

Roz Molho will continue to serve as Friends chairman, as well as chairman of the Gala. New to the team is Ellen Gutierrez, who will serve as Friends coordinator.

In this role she will put together the quarterly Friends newsletter and maintain a centralized repository of information on the various volunteers and supporters, which Friends may leverage as a resource when organizing Library events.

If you or an acquaintance would like to volunteer in any capacity at the library, call 860-927-3761.